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@The making of Japanese swords is an important cultural treasure of Japan, a gift descended from the ancestors. In the words of Yanagita sensei , "When I see a Japanese sword, the history and spirit of the samurai well up inside of me and I realize that the sword is sacred.

@According to makimono ( ancient scrolls ) there is a more than one thousand year old legacy of Japanese swordmaking. At its height there were some 20,000 - 30,000 swordmakers concentrated in these following five schools : Yamashiro school . Yamato school Soushuu school . Bizen school and Mino school . Every sword produced during that time period belonged to one of these traditions.

@Yanagita sensei began studying sword burnishing in his freshman year of junior high school ( 7th grade ) , In September, 1972, he received his menkyo kaiden ( a certificate of full proficiency in an art ) for sword making from the Agency for Cultural Affairs .

@When he opened the museum, it was like his dream had come true.

@Yanagita sensei is sure that if people who like swords come to his museum, they will be moved by his collection.

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Ritsuo Yanagita swordsmith

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Samurai Sword Museum

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